"Night market doggie, Taoyuan."
"Friends, Taoyuan."
"Mandarin farmer, Yilan."
"Notice the workman's hat!"
"Lin family mansion, Taipei."
"Lin family mansion, Taipei."
"Foggy night, Jioufen."
"Bye-bye sale at Mango, Taipei."
"View from Taipei 101, the world's tallest building 2004-2007."
"The giant 660 ton tuned mass damper in Taipei 101 which protects it from earthquake damage."
"Zushih Temple, Sanxia."
"Ladies and Gents."
"Santa at Salt Mountain / Pink statues, Taichung."
"Cacti, Taichung flower market."
"Fire hydrant sign, Taichung / Scooters, Taichung."
"New years celebration, Taichung."
"New years celebration, Lugang."
"Red and Yellow."
"Fish delivery."
"Mooo! Chulu Dairy Farm / The Day Rain Road."
"Ting Ting at the Chulu Dairy Farm, near Taitung."
"Temple tower, Taroko National Park."
"Wave dodging, Hualien."
"By the beach, Hualien."