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Tahrir Square

Protesters at Tahrir Square last week… Tahrir Square, or Liberation Square was a 10 minute walk from my hotel in Cairo. Some days it was safe to go there, other days it was a war-zone. The afternoon I took this picture there was almost a carnival atmosphere among the protesters, the air was full of hope for a better future.

Tahrir Square – Cairo 2011
Picture by Joey Cleary


  1. A bus mans Holiday.. It will be one you won’t forget…

  2. Joey,
    These are great photos.

  3. Joey! I’ve been worried about you over there. Good to see you’re ok. But now I am seriously concerned. Why is Tom Humphries slap bang in the middle of your pic? Researching his latest book on the GAA? The mind boggles…

    • Apparently they have a cracking hurling team in Cairo… we headed to a nearby Irish Pub after the protest to philosophise about the revolution ;-)

  4. Definitely a “holiday” that will never be forgotten! Thanks Billy and Stephen.

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